Greybull Valley Produce Hydroponic Greenhouse in Greybull, WY


Greenhouse Grown Hydroponic Lettuce and Herbs
Always 100% Preservative and Chemical Free

The popularity of Greybull Valley Produce has exceeded our expectations. We've tripled the size of our green house and doubled our service area to handle the demand! We supply our customers from Lander, Wyoming to Billings, Montana with the freshest, highest quality produce grown right here in Greybull, Wyoming. Our customers enjoy weekly deliveries of lettuce and herbs picked and delivered at Peak Freshness.

Call 307.250.4615 for Hydroponic Lettuce and Herbs Delivered atPeak Freshness to the Big Horn Basin in WY
Hydroponic Lettuce Seedlings Hydroponic Herbs Seedlings in Greybully Valley produce Greenhouse


Precise Feeding

Hydroponics is the exclusive farming method used at Greybull Valley Produce to grow the most consistent and highest quality lettuce and herbs available anywhere. Here's a quick overview:

Hydroponic plants are grown in a liquid nutrient solution instead of soil. Seeds and plants are suspended in this water-based growth medium.

  • Hydroponics feeds plants directly.

  • Hydroponic plants spend less energy creating root mass needed to find nutrients in soil. More energy is spent on quicker growth and larger yields. Less time and space are needed for superior results.

  • The water and minerals used in hydroponic farming are precisely measured and constantly monitored and tested for safety and optimum results.

  • The quality of hydroponic produce does not depend on the quality of the soil.

  • Hydroponic produce does not come into contact with soil and animal residue.

  • Hydroponics requires about 10% percent of the water needed for soil farming. At Greybull Valley Produce, we farm with just a city water hook up!

  • Hydroponic farming requires about 20% of the area needed for soil farming.
Hydroponic Lettuce and Herbs Grown in Greenhouse climate controlled Big Horn Basin WY


Our Lettuce Grows Inside, Pests Stay Outside

All Greybull Valley Produce is grown in an environmentally-controlled greenhouse.

  • Year 'round planting, growing and harvesting enables Peak Freshness delivery to our customers every week.

  • Our greenhouse keeps most pests outside.

  • Controlled temperature and humidity minimizes plant diseases and any required treatments.
Peak Freshness Hydroponic Lettuce and Herbs Delivered to Your Restaurant and Store


Peak Freshness Delivery
Every Week All Year!

Greybull Valley Produce is grown in a climate-controlled greenhouse to maintain both strict quality standards and all year availability of the freshest lettuce and herbs. We harvest and deliver every week all year long regardless of the weather. Greybull Valley Produce never varies in quality or freshness no matter the season.

From Lander, Wyoming to Billings, Montana

Greybull Valley Produce is delivered directly by the Koehn family to you in order to maintain high Wyoming Fresh quality. Wyoming Fresh lettuce and herbs do not spend thousands of miles in rail cars and trucks. Our produce is always picked fresh and delivered at Peak Freshness every week to ensure the best quality and taste all year 'round.

Greybull Vally Produce delivers lettuce and herbs to Northwest Wyoming


You Can't Buy It From Us!

Greybull Valley Produce currently delivers to customers in Basin, Casper, Clark, Cody, Cowley, Deaver, Greybull, Lander, Lovell, Powell, Riverton, Shell, Thermopolis and Worland in Wyoming plus Belfry, Billings, Laurel and Red Lodge Montana. Call 307-250-4615 to add your company to our growing list.

Call 307.250.4615 for the highest quality Hydroponic Lettuce and Hydroponic Herbs in Wyoming
Greybull Vally Produce delivers lettuce and herbs to Northwest Wyoming


Your Customers Deserve Next Day Fresh
Grown in Wyoming Hydroponic Lettuce and Herbs

Greybull Valley Produce delivers our hydroponic lettuce and herb varieties to markets and health food stores in ready-to-go single and multi-pack retail packaging. Our crystal clear branded display boxes and bags show off the freshest produce available and eliminate extra work for you.

Call Greybull Valley Produce in Wyoming for Hydroponic Lettuce and Hydropnic Herbs

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