Greybull Valley Produce Hydroponic Lettuce and Herbs Customer List Greybull, WY
Third Generation farmers grow Greybull Valley Produce Hydroponic Lettuce and Hydroponic Herbs in Wyoming


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Grown in Wyoming Hydroponic Lettuce and Herbs

Greybull Valley Produce hydroponic lettuce and herbs are grown in Greybull, Wyoming by third generation farmer Dwight Koehn and my immediate family. When you purchase Greybull Valley Produce, you're assured of getting the freshest, highest quality lettuce and herbs available in the Big Horn Basin. Our business is 100% family operated from seeds to harvest to delivery. Our customers never wonder where their produce comes from, who delivers it or how long it's been in transit.

The Koehn family would love to show you our greenhouse in Greybull, Wyoming.

Call me on my direct line if you have any questions about hydroponics and how we grow and deliver our produce.

Dwight Koehn
Call 307.250.4615 for the highest quality Hydroponic Lettuce and Hydroponic Herbs in Wyoming

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