Greybull Valley Produce Hydroponic Lettuce and Herbs Customer List Greybull, WY
Greybull Valley Produce Hydroponic Lettuce and Herbs Customer List Greybull, WY
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Grown in Wyoming Hydroponic Lettuce and Herbs

Today's consumers are more interested in how their food is produced. The demand for healthy produce has resulted more organically grown choices in restaurants and markets. Organic farming and hydroponics are often compared by those who seek healthier diets.

Hydroponics grows plants in water without using soil while organic farming specifies the use of only organic or natural fertilizers. To be certified organic, the growing process can use only unrefined minerals. These unrefined minerals, however, may contain undesirable elements and organic fertilizers may introduce the risks of e-coli and salmonella. Hydroponic farming adds nutrient solutions to the water medium to feed the plants which are typically grown in a protected indoor environment. The nutrient solution is constantly monitored and adjusted for optimum results which include higher yields and shorter growing cycles. Hydroponics also uses less space and less water to produce yields equivalent to organic farming.

There is some evidence that hydroponics may have an advantage over soil-based farming because controlled and monitored nutrients can increase the vitamin content of hydroponically grown produce.

Organic and hydroponic farming both provide superior and healthy produce. Hydroponics conserves Earth's most important resource: hydroponics uses only 10% of the water required for conventional farming. In fact, Greybull Valley Produce farms with a city water hook up in Greybull, Wyoming. Additionally, hydroponics preserves top soil for plants which cannot be grown hydroponically.

Greybull Valley Produce uses hydroponics exclusively to harvest and deliver the freshest and healthiest produce to consumers in Wyoming and Montana every week throughout the entire year.

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Pan American World Airways
Hydroponic Greenhouse
Wake Island Hydoponicum Hydoponic Greenhouse Wake Island Atoll

Pan American World Airways picked Wake Island, 2,300 statute miles West of Honolulu, as an en route stop to the Far East for its first class trans-Pacific Boeing Clipper passenger service. A small hotel was built for the Clipper flying boat passengers and crews. Wake Island lacked natural soil and airlifting fresh vegetables was prohibitively expensive.

In 1937, University of California senior Lamory T. Laumeister traveled to Wake Island to set up a soilless farming experiment. Soon the Pan Am hydroponicum was producing enough fresh vegetables to feed the 35 permanent residents of Wake Island as well as transiting Clipper passengers and crew. It is recognized as one of the earliest commercial hydroponic successes.

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